Center for Instructional Support is one of three centers (the Center for Teaching Excellence and the Center for Studies of Multicultural Higher Education are the others) comprising the Office of Faculty Development and Academic Support (OFDAS). Established as the Communications Center in 1962, CIS assumed its present name during a reorganization of faculty support services on the Manoa campus in 1987.

The Center is organized into three primary divisions — MultiMedia, Graphic Media Design, and Campus Central Repair — and has a full-time staff of nine professionals. The primary CIS facilities are located in Kuykendall Hall. Visitors are always welcome. Tours for faculty and student groups will be provided upon request.

CIS provides support to UHM faculty members in the effective use of instructional technology in their teaching by:

  • Consulting with UHM academic units and individual faculty members to help them plan and provide the richest possible learning experiences for students, and to assist them in using instructional technology effectively within that context.
  • Ensuring that appropriate and desired instructional equipment is easily accessible to faculty and students, through classroom installations and a system of equipment pools.
  • Ensuring that requirements for appropriate learning technologies are included in all university academic planning and budgeting documents.
  • Monitoring of UHM classrooms and laboratories to ensure the best possible environment for teaching and learning; serve as advocate for the faculty in the design of all new construction and renovations of classroom facilities; and serve as ombudsman to resolve faculty and student concerns about classrooms.
  • Developing high quality, effective instructional materials.