Audience Response System (ARS)

An audience response system allow faculty to collect real-time data from their students during lecture. Students are polled using questions with up to five responses. The response rates can be displayed immediately, and individual responses can be stored for potential use in grading (in the form of participation points or points awarded based on correctness of the answers). This ability to engage every student simultaneously, regardless of class size, can invite a type of “dialogue” in the classroom that promotes more engaged pedagogy while providing feedback to both instructors and students.

Introducing the i>Clicker

In response to increased faculty interest in this technology an ad hoc committee was formed to select an audience response system that would meet the current and future needs of our campus community. After reviewing three competing systems, and carefully considering the feedback from faculty, the decision was made to recommend the iClicker system.

In fall of 2008 iClicker became the centrally supported audience response system for the Manoa campus.

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