CIS Forms

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All CIS clients complete a DataBase Add-Change Form to register for CIS services.

Available Forms

CIS DataBase Add – Change Form for Faculty and Staff, including Lecturers and Administrators

UHM faculty, staff, lecturers, and administrators with a valid UHM ID card can use this form. Clients register in person at Kuykendall 103 or 107. Once registration is complete, reservations can be made by phone (ext. 6-8075). Registration for faculty, staff, lecturers, and administrators continues until a client record shows no activity for five or more years or the client is no longer part of the UHM family. Special arrangements can be made for instructors who are not regular UHM faculty or staff.

CIS Student Authorization Form

Faculty can authorize students to use selected equipment and Self-Service facilities by completing the form or by submitting a class list to CIS. Faculty are requested to check with CIS about the selected equipment available for student to check out. CIS can provide classroom instruction about equipment usage and CIS policies. CIS reserves the right to rescind or remove privileges when policies are not followed. Note: Faculty must be registered (see CIS Database Add-Change Form) with CIS before submitting the CIS Student Authorization Form.

CIS DataBase Add – Change Form for Authorized Students

Authorized Students are required to complete a data base form each semester. All student records are purged at the end of the semester. Only authorized students are permitted to reserve and use CIS equipment. Not all equipment is available for student checkout. Check with CIS before planning to use equipment. All authorized students will show a valid UHM ID card to register with CIS.

OMR Service Request Form

Submit one form per exam or survey.