Media Rooms

CIS has placed data projection, video playback equipment, computers, overhead, and other technologies in a variety of General Use Classrooms (GUC) across campus. Instructors of media-intensive courses should request assignment to these GUC classrooms on a semester basis with the campus scheduling office. CIS manages the schedules for two Media Rooms in Kuykendall (KUY) Hall: a 31-seat classroom (KUY 208) and a 196-seat auditorium (KUY 101) for occasional bookings for classes without media access or UH events requiring media usage.

Kuyendall 101Kuykendall 101 Kuyendall 208Kuykendall 208

No weekend or after-hour use. Smoking, eating or drinking are prohibited.

These KUY media rooms are equipped with a data projection system, VHS, DVD players, PC computers, and vga cables for clients to connect their own computers. Please review CIS policy information listed below before requesting use of a KUY media room.

Air Conditioning – The Kuykendall Hall air conditioning is normally on.


The KUY media classrooms are intended for use by faculty or instructors of UHM credit courses requiring access to instructional technology equipment not readily available at their assigned classroom sites. University office staff may also schedule these rooms on a space-available basis for non-instructional, university-related functions, provided that a need for the equipment exists. The rooms are only available for use during regular CIS business hours, Monday thru Friday, 8am-4:20pm, and are not available during weekends, holidays or staff supplemental time-off. Registered student organizations (RIO) are eligible to use the KUY media classrooms, but must be scheduled through their faculty advisor.

Scheduling Procedure

KUY media rooms are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservation requests for scheduling are accepted approximately one month prior to the start of the semester. Classroom scheduling in advance is not required but is very strongly recommended due to the heavy demand to use these facilities. Because of heavy demand, clients will be limited to 10 bookings per semester, per course. Exceptions must be approved by CIS management and will only be granted in unusual circumstances and availability. This policy is intended not to discourage the use of instructional technology but to ensure that the facilities are accessible to all.

Requests for KUY Media Room Reservations

Requests for reservations are made online at: KUY media room reservations . Please provide all required information:

  1. Faculty/Staff/Instructor Name (person responsible for using the media room)
  2. Department
  3. Contact Information (phone & email)
  4. Name of course or event
  5. # of people attending
  6. Dates & Times (include any setup time if needed)
  7. Media needed

Access to Media Rooms

Clients must pick up and return the key to their assigned KUY media classroom or ask for entry to the auditorium at the CIS desk in Kuykendall 103. Keys must be returned promptly to the CIS office at the end of the scheduled period to be available for the next user. Clients are responsible for the key in their possession and securing the lock when vacating the room. Lost keys and unlocked rooms may result in stolen equipment. Clients may pick up classroom keys any time after the beginning of the previous class period, as long as the facilities have not been scheduled by others during that time. Instructors scheduling KUY media classrooms may authorize students to pick up the key with presentation of proper identification and advanced notice to CIS from the instructor or staff.

Technician Assistance

The CIS media classrooms are provided on a self-service basis. However, CIS staff members are available at any time to demonstrate equipment operation or other room features.

Smoking, Eating, and Drinking – Smoking, eating, and drinking are prohibited at all times in CIS media classrooms. Clients are responsible for ensuring that this policy is rigidly enforced.