Installation & Repair

The CIS Campus Central Repair (CCR) facility offers on-campus repair for instructional media equipment owned by the university. In addition, preventive maintenance and general maintenance schedules for departmentally-owned media equipment can also be arranged with CCR.  On-site services can be arranged for equipment that is impractical to transport to CCR because of size or installation status. This repair service is available to all eligible departments on campus usually at nominal or no cost.

Facilities Location

Campus Central Repair is located on the ground floor of Kuykendall Hall, Room 105. This facility is secured and recommend departments to call x6-6716 to arrange drop-off /pickup of equipment requiring repair.


Instructional media equipment with an official PPMO inventory decal affixed may be repaired and maintained by CCR. Instructional equipment owned by university offices but purchased at a lower cost than the minimum required for inventory will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Proof of university ownership may be required.

Repair of Personally Owned Equipment

CCR will not, under any circumstances, repair equipment owned by individuals, even if used for instructional purposes.

Equipment Under Warranty

Repair work performed by CCR will void existing warranties. It is the obligation of the purchasing unit, to determine whether an item is still under warranty. Equipment under warranty should be repaired by the vendor or authorized manufacturer service provider as specified by the warranty.

Computer Equipment Repair

CCR does not repair or maintain computer equipment. Computers repair information should be referred to the Information Technology Services (ITS) or off-campus vendors.

Annual Limits on Free Service

Since CIS normally absorbs the cost of repair parts, supplies, and other expenses required to operate CCR, the Center has established limits on services provided, in order to assure equitable access by all eligible university offices. Limits may be established on an annual basis by the CIS director in accordance with available funds, the history of work performed, and costs incurred on behalf of each office. When an office limit is reached, work will cease for the remainder of the fiscal year unless alternative arrangements are made for the purchase of required parts and supplies. Additional factors may also limit services available.

Changes to Established Limits

Requests to exceed or increase an office’s established limit must be approved by the CIS director and are dependent upon the availability of funds.

Other Limitations

In the absence of the required service manual or schematics, expertise, or test and repair equipment, CCR may return equipment to the customer without service. CCR may also refuse to repair equipment that is obsolete and/or has limited instructional value if operational, or equipment which needs replacement parts that cannot be obtained by CIS. Under these circumstances, customers must repair the equipment elsewhere at their own expense. All campus units are strongly urged to consult with CIS to ensure that the required service manuals, repair facilities, and expertise are available before purchasing equipment.

Service Priorities

Services will be provided according to the following priorities:

  1. Equipment permanently placed by CIS in general use classrooms and CIS scheduled media classrooms; high demand equipment in CIS circulating equipment pool and satellite pools.
  2. Equipment permanently placed by academic units in general use classrooms and laboratories; high demand instructional equipment circulated by academic units.
  3. Equipment permanently placed by academic units in dedicated classrooms and laboratories; low demand instructional equipment circulated by CIS and academic units.
  4. Other eligible equipment.


CCR personnel are available to assist UHM academic units in the installation of instructional equipment in classrooms and laboratories, as time, resources, and expertise are available. Academic units are responsible for purchasing all parts and supplies necessary.

On-Site Services

Equipment items that are impractical to transport to CCR because of size or installation status may be repaired or maintained by CCR staff on site, upon request and in accordance with the priority schedule above. Parts and supplies will be charged against the customer’s annual limit. CCR may require that transportation be arranged by the customer if heavy bulky test or repair equipment must be moved to the site.

Repair Time

CCR will make every attempt to repair eligible equipment in a timely manner. CCR and CIS are not responsible for delays caused by difficulty in obtaining parts.