Moore 206: Quick Start Guide to Media Equipment


Step 1: Start-up procedures

  • Using the Touch Screen Panel, press/touch the center button on the touch screen.

Step 2: Turn on equipment

While waiting for the projector to warm up, turn on the equipment you want to display through the projector. The following media are available in this classroom:

  • Blu-ray/DVD Player (located in cabinet)
  • Document Camera (located on desktop)
  • PC Computer (located in cabinet)

External devices such as laptop computers and other video/audio equipment may be connected through:

  • HDMI Cable (located on desktop)

To connect your laptop computer:

    1. Attach the HDMI cable to your laptop computer.
    2. If no display occurs, hold down the “Fn” function key and press the key with the monitor icon or the “LCD/CRT” key to enable the projector display. Function key will vary depending on laptop brand.

Note: Internet access through the UH Wireless Network requires UH login and password. It is recommended that users who regularly use their devices register with Information Technology Services (ITS).

Step 3: Select media

When the menu screen appears, select the type of media equipment you will be using.

  • You can control the Blu-ray/DVD Player through the touch screen.

Step 4: Close-down procedures

  • Press/touch the red “System Off” button located in the lower right-hand corner of the touch screen.
  • On the next screen, press/touch the yellow “Power Down” button to turn off the projector.
  • Turn-off all media equipment.