St. John 11: Quick Start Guide to Media Equipment


Step 1: Start-up procedures

  • Using the Touch Screen Panel, press/touch the center button on the touch screen.

Step 2: Turn on equipment

While waiting for the projector to warm up, turn on the equipment you want to display through the projector. The following media are available in this classroom:

  • Blu-ray/DVD/VHS Video Player (located in cabinet below)
  • Document Camera (located on desktop)
  • PC Computer (located in cabinet below)

External devices such as laptop computers and other video/audio equipment may be connected through:

  • VGA Cable (located on desktop)

To connect your laptop computer to the projection system:

    1. Attach VGA cable before turning on your laptop computer.
    2. If no display occurs, hold down the “Fn” function key and press the key with the monitor icon or the “LCD/CRT” key to enable the projector display. Function key will vary depending on laptop brand.
    3. Recommended laptop display settings are 1280 x 800 @ 85Hz

Note: Internet access through the UH Wireless Network requires UH login and password. It is recommended that users who regularly use their devices register with Information Technology Services (ITS).

  • Auxiliary Panels (located on left of the touch screen or in cabinet below)

Used to attach other external video sources to the projection system

Step 3: Select media

When the menu screen appears, select the type of media equipment you will be using.

  • You can control the Blu-ray/DVD/VHS Combo Player through the touch screen.

Step 4: Close-down procedures

  • Press/touch the red “System Off” button located in the lower right-hand corner of the touch screen.
  • On the next screen, press/touch the yellow “Power Down” button to turn off the projector.
  • Turn-off all media equipment.