Survey Scanning – Reports

The OMR scanner will automatically print the Sequence Number for each survey on the bottom edge of each survey scan form. This Sequence Number is the order in which the surveys were scanned and corresponds to the row number on the unmodified data sheets. At this time, no other information may be printed directly on survey scan forms.

The OMR Scanner Service produces two standard reports in addition to the raw (.rmk) and excel data files.

Item Statistics Report (provided in PDF format)
Displays descriptive statistics for each question on the form.
Example Report
Item Statistics Report statistics definitions

Condensed Item Analysis Report (provided in PDF format)
Provides descriptive statistics for individual questions including the frequency and percentage of each answer choice and a bar chart to the right of the table containing the statistics.
Example Report

Data Export

The OMR Scanner Service will provide exported data for surveys in the following formats:

Excel Data File (.xls)
Survey data is exported in Excel format with the following column headings: Student Number, Student Name, Question # (For all questions on form type despite whether used or not), Number Correct, Number Incorrect, Number Missing, Percentile, Percent Score, T Score, and Z Score. Only the Question # and responses are useful to survey collection; the other fields are just produced by default.
Example Excel Data File

Raw-Data File (.rmk)
The raw-data file of the scanned responses is a tab-delimited file that contains the respondent’s Student Number, Student Name and responses as captured directly from the OMR form. This file has not been altered by any post-processing procedures and is available to clients who choose to perform their own scoring and grading of an exam.
Example Raw-Data File

Reports and data will be emailed to those listed on the OMR Service Request Form.