AirPlay enables instructors to wirelessly connect their iPad, iPhone, laptop, and other devices to the classroom projection system and play content or mirror your entire screen. Nearly all Apple/Macintosh devices have AirPlay capabilities; some older devices require additional software. PC (Windows) users must download/purchase an AirPlay-enabling application, such as AirServer, and Squirrel’s AirParrot 2, before connecting wirelessly.

For AirPlay to work, your wireless device must be connected to the UHM wireless network. It is highly recommended that you register your device through ITS’s Wireless Passthrough service. Once registered, you can connect your device to the campus wireless network without having to login at the beginning of each session.

Go here to view a list of classrooms with AirPlay.

Connecting to AirPlay in classrooms

  1. Connect your device to the UHM Wi-Fi network
  2. Turn on the data projector
  3. Select AirPlay on the switcher/equipment selector
  4. Enable Airplay on your device. For Apple/Macintosh users, consult the Apple website for detailed instructions. PC users, consult your software’s documentation.
  5. Connect your device to AirPlay (AppleTV). A password is required and is available through CIS. Each classroom has been assigned a unique password.
  6. At the end of class, disconnect your device from the classroom AirPlay otherwise will continue to retain a connection.