Scanning Service

The Center for Instructional Support provides an optical mark recognition (OMR) scanning service for exams and surveys that use penciled-in marks on preprinted “bubble” forms. Quality printed forms and precise student shading have consistently provided 99.9% accuracy on read data. Scanning of OMR forms and the electronic distribution of standard reports is provided free of charge to the Mānoa community.

Download the Exam/Survey Scanning Request Form (pdf)

Exam/Survey Scanning Policies

  • Exams/surveys scanning is performed on a first-come, first-served basis and is typically completed within 2 business days of receipt. During the Fall and Spring semester finals week, CIS will scan and email results within a 24-hour period. Actual times may vary. Please email CIS if you are in need of special accommodations relating to our scanning service.
  • Scanning support staff will not alter a student’s (or respondent’s) bubble sheet under any circumstances.
  • OMR sheets, including the key sheet for exams, and an Exam/Survey Scanning Request Form must be hand-delivered to CIS Media Services in Kuykendall 103. A separate Request Form must accompany each exam or survey.
  • For security reasons, OMR sheets must be picked-up in-person by the instructor or contact listed on the request form, with a current photo ID. Instructors are responsible for picking-up completed OMR sheets in a timely manner. Exams and surveys will be securely stored for one semester, after which time they will be shredded.


  • Scanners do not recognize hand-printed or machine-printed characters.
  • Students/survey respondents must use a #2 pencil; pens or markers do not scan reliably. See instructions below.
  • Scanners do not support multiple answers to individual questions.
  • Scores for essay questions cannot be added to the results.
  • Scanners do not perform weighted or subjective scoring.
  • Scanners do not discriminate between accidental and purposeful “multiple markings.” These will be identified as “MULT” in the exam data file (Excel format). Questions with “no response” will be identified as “BLANK.” Instructors are strongly encouraged to search their returned exam data file for these fields.

How to Obtain Standard Exam & Survey Forms

The Center for Instructional Support does not provide or sell scan forms. Colleges and Departments are responsible for purchasing forms from the University of Hawai‘i Bookstore (Computer Department) or directly from the manufacturer. Non-original manufacturer forms cannot be guaranteed and the Scanning Service is not responsible for forms that cannot be read because of imperfections in the form creation or handling.

How to create a key sheet

A key sheet is required to grade exams. An instructor must use the same form for the key sheet as with the rest of the exam forms by filling in the bubble for the correct answer for each question. The key sheet should be placed on the top of the exam stack and clearly indicated with the number “99” in the left most column of the Student Number (Penn State Form) or Identification Number (General Purpose Form).

How to accurately fill in the standard exam form

Students must accurately fill in the bubbles on the forms to ensure accurate scanning of their responses. Students must a #2 Pencil; pens and markers will not scan accurately. Below are examples of correct and incorrect ways to fill-in the bubbles.

Examples of wrong and right ways to fill-in bubbles: Wrong=using an "X", Wrong=half-filled bubble, Right=completely filled bubble

Any bubble that has been erased, should have zero to minimal trace of pencil markings. The “Student Number” field on the Penn State H1 Form or the “Name” or “Identification Number” fields on the Pearson NCS General Purpose form must be “bubble-in” to identify the student’s Number or Name.

Exam/Survey Reports

The OMR scanner will print the Total Score for each exam on the bottom edge of the exam scan forms. The Scanning Service produces an Excel data file which will be emailed to the instructors after the completion of scanning that includes: