Wireless Microphones

Shure ULX Receiver and MicsA limited number of wireless microphones are available for long-term (end of semester) checkout. To date, wireless receivers have been permanently installed in 18 large lecture halls and auditoriums. Faculty are responsible for battery replacement (9v).

Portable PA System – Anchor Audio Beacon

Anchor BeaconThe Beacon is a battery-powered, portable line array sound system that unfolds in less than a minute and a collapsible handle with rolling wheels. It stands about 6 feet tall and has clean, full range of sound that spreads evenly over any large crowd without the need for a stand. This system accommodates up to two wireless microphones, two wired microphones, and comes with a built-in mp3 player.

Portable PA System – Anchor Liberty 8000 PAs and Stands

Anchor LibertyLiberty systems consist of a battery-powered amplifier/speaker and unpowered speaker, can handle groups up to 1,500 per speaker. Tripod stands are available to mount speakers at the appropriate height. This system accommodates up to two wireless microphones, two wired microphones, comes with a built-in mp3 player, and Bluetooth capability.


Digital Audio Recorder

Marantz PMD 661 MKII Digital Audio RecorderThe Marantz PMD661 professional compact digital audio recorder. This recorder includes an integrated high-quality stereo condenser microphone array for point and shoot’ operation, switchable balanced mic/XLR line inputs, as well as unbalanced line outputs on RCA connectors and a secondary unbalanced line input on 3.5 mm mini jack connector. Audio is recorded on an SD card (supplied) in either mp3 or wav format providing hours of recording time. Users can download their recordings (mp3 or wav) files directly to their computer with a usb cable.

Microphones and PA Accessories

Additional equipment is available to support all you audio needs including table mic stands, lavaliere and handheld microphones, and various audio cables.