HDTV Carts

HDTV CartThese carts include a 47″ HDTV, a Bluray/VHS/DVD Combo Player, and a VGA cable to connect laptops. An HDMI cable is available upon request if your laptop is able to accomdate this type of digital connector. The 8-inch wheels on this cart allow you to safely transport equipment between buildings.

Document Camera

Samsung UF-80STSamsung’s UF-80ST is a compact digital-quality desktop visual projectors that easily connects directly to a data projector for big screen viewing of print documents, 3-dimensional objects, photos, and transparencies. The UF-80ST combines a 14x zoom lens and built-in cold-cathode light source for vibrant, properly exposed video images at up to 850,000 pixels.


Panasonic AG-2560This unit is an industrial high-quality VHS VCR, capable of playing standard VHS and S-VHS videotapes, at SP, LP, and EP speeds.

DVD Players (Region Free)

Pioneer DV-285-SThis Pioneer DVD player is capable of playing back several formats including DVD-Video, DVD-R, VCD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3s, etc. All the controls necessary for playback are built onto the front of the unit. This player is also “region-free” which allows you to play region-coded discs from other countries on standard standard American TV..