Equipment Loan

CIS Central Pool equipment is available to University of Hawaii at Manoa faculty and staff for academic and classroom support. Equipment reservations may be made in person, by telephone, or via email. Faculty may authorize students to pick-up and return equipment. The user is responsible for the care and security of the equipment during the loan period. Instructions for equipment operation are available through CIS. 


Faculty and staff, who have used our services in the past and registered in our database, may reserve equipment in person (Kuykendall 103), by phone (956-8075), or via email ( Reservations are accepted up to one semester in advance . Equipment is reserved in the name of faculty or staff. Cancellations may be called in any time prior to the scheduled check-out. Although reservations are not required, CIS recommends advance reservations to avoid delays or problems with equipment availability.

Equipment Loan

Equipment is picked-up and returned at the CIS Multimedia front desk in Kuykendall 103. CIS Multimedia technicians and staff will ask for a current UH ID at the time of equipment pick-up. New faculty and staff may bring a memo from their department or another official document to verify status as a university employee. Faculty and staff may authorize a student to pick up the reserved equipment by providing the student’s full name at the time of reservation. The student will be asked for a UH ID card upon pick up. The faculty or staff member assumes full responsibility for the equipment.  In the case of an instructor that does not have a Faculty/Staff id card, email from their department confirming their status, or confirmation via UH course listings, would be required.

Equipment can be picked-up and returned between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, except holidays.

Equipment Loan Policies

Equipment is usually loaned for only the class period(s) or the event when it will be used. Equipment may be borrowed overnight if needed and if kept in a secure location. CIS requests equipment to be returned within 24 hours, however special arrangements can be made if circumstances warrant and equipment is available. Equipment needed for weekend usage may be borrowed Friday afternoon and returned Monday morning. The user is responsible for the care and security of the equipment during the loan period.

There are certain pieces of equipment (ie. iClicker base & remote, DVD or VHS player remotes, wireless microphones) that are available for “long-term” loan. Equipment must be returned by the end of the semester.

Equipment is picked-up and returned by the user or an authorized representative. CIS does not have the resources to deliver equipment. The user may provide the name of the student or other representative who will pick up the equipment. The user or authorized representative must provide a current UHM ID to the CIS staff at the time of equipment pick-up.

Student Use of Media Equipment

Faculty and staff may authorize a student to reserve selected equipment by submitting a Student Authorization Form listing the student’s name, the course number, the dates of authorization (up to the end of the current semester), and the equipment to be used. If the number of students exceed the space available on the form a copy of a class list may be attached. Students will be entered as CIS clients for the duration of the authorization period or until the end of the semester or Summer Session, whichever is earlier. Additional authorization dates will require a new authorization form.

Students may reserve and borrow acquisition equipment, such as digital camcorders or audio recorders, for class projects with authorization. This equipment may be borrowed for overnight or weekend usage. The student and the authorizing faculty or staff member are responsible for the proper care and security of the equipment.

Late Returns/No Shows

Equipment reservations can be canceled in person, by phone, or email any time before the scheduled loan period. If reserved equipment is not picked up by the scheduled start time, the reservation is logged as a “No Show.”

Equipment, with all its component parts, is due as noted on the reservation. A “Late Return” will be noted in the database if the equipment is not returned on time or if any component parts are not returned with the equipment. Any combination of 3 “No Shows” and “Late Returns” logged into the system automatically locks out the client’s name and future reservations are not accepted. Special arrangements must be made to reinstate the client.

Equipment loans can be extended in person or by phone, if the equipment is available. However, it may be necessary to return the equipment and reserve new equipment, depending on the equipment usage.

Instruction/Training for CIS Equipment

CIS will provide instruction for the operation of any Central Pool or classroom installed equipment. Faculty may arrange group instruction for Teaching Assistants. Individual instruction can often be completed before the reservation time. Most equipment is user friendly and instruction usually takes a few minutes. For more information or to arrange training, call CIS (956-8075).