Wireless Microphones

A limited number of wireless lavaliere and handheld microphones are available for semester-long checkout.

Most large lecture halls and auditoriums are installed with wireless receivers. Each receiver can accommodate one wireless microphone. While most classrooms have one receiver there are a couple high-profile auditoriums have multiple receivers allowing several wireless microphone to be used simultaneously.

A single wireless microphone can be used in multiple locations by simply changing its frequency settings. Specific classroom frequency information is available upon request.

While CIS provides a fresh set of batteries at the initial checkout faculty are responsible for subsequent battery replacement (9v). Alkaline batteries typically last 8 hours. The LCD display on the microphone has a battery meter that shows approximate operation time remaining for the transmitter. A full three segments indicate 6 to 8 hours of operation remaining; two segments, 2 to 6 hours; and one segment, 0 to 2 hours.

Battery Levels

Wireless microphone volume levels are preset to its optimum level. If further adjustments are necessary follow the illustration below.

Wireless Mic Volume