iClicker v7 is now compatible for use with Laulima

iClicker v7, also known as iClicker Classic, provides simple, fast, local data storage, and can be run from a USB flash drive. It works with iClicker Reef, iClicker 2, and iClicker+ student polling solutions.

It does not require the download of the sakaigradebook.csv and RemoteID.csv files. To use iClicker v7, students will need to register their remotes through the i>clicker tool in Laulima.

The recommended versions provided for use with Laulima are :
https://www.hawaii.edu/talent/downloads/iclicker/iclicker-v7.10.0-win.zip (Win)
https://www.hawaii.edu/talent/downloads/iclicker/iclicker-v7.10.0-mac.zip (Mac)
Installation Instructions for MacOS 10.12 (Sierra)