Instructor Procedures

Faculty Procedures for Testing and Assessment

Please note the following instructions to insure the forms are scored correctly:

  1. Use genuine NCS or Hawaii (Penn) State Forms only. Do not try to duplicate scanner forms.
  2. The CIS Scanner Service does not support multiple answers to individual question.
  3. It is not possible to give essay questions and have the score from those questions added to the test, nor does the Scanner Service offer weighted or subjective scoring.
  4. Note that the scanner does not read letters. The circles must be filled in completely, or the scanner will not read names, ID’s or answers.
  5. Read These Instructions To Your Class
    • Please make sure all information is completely filled in, not circled, or X’ed. Fill in the entire circle you select, or your answer, student ID, or name will not be read by the scanner. Use only a #2 pencil; no other pen, marker, or pencil will be scored. Be aware that only blackened circles count in the scoring process.
    • Do not cross out wrong answers, as the scanner will read them. Errors must be thoroughly erased. Make no stray marks or notes to the instructor. A question with two or more circles filled in is considered a wrong answer.
    • Do not bend, fold, tear, staple, or make any holes in the answer sheet.
    • Student ID Numbers should be left justified in the appropriate columns.
  6. Tests should be submitted with a Key Sheet filled out on the same scan sheet type. Key Sheets should be identified by shading “99” for the Student ID and this form should be on the top of the exam stack.
  7. Collect the sheets and orient the forms so that they are facing in the same direction (some exams have the cut corner at the same end to facilitate this process). Failure to orient the forms will result in forms being returned to instructor unprocessed.
  8. Place the respondent sheets, Key Sheet, and Service Request Form in an envelope to insure forms are not lost and stay organized.
  9. Deliver package to Kuykendall 103 for scanning during our office hours: Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm (except University holidays).


It is the responsibility of the instructor to follow all University of Hawaii regulations on examinations including but not limited to the guidelines for students with disabilities. Additional information on accessibility is available through the KOKUA Program.