Sharing Document Camera on Zoom

Some HOT Classrooms also have Document Cameras installed to use with the in-room computer. Follow the steps below to share content being show on the Document Camera over Zoom:

How to Share Content from the Document Camera

  1. Check to make sure the in-room computer is powered on. The computer is usually located within the podium. Users must use the in-room computer to connect to Zoom in order for the Document Camera to connect as well.
  2. Check to make sure the touch panel (usually located on top of the podium) is turned on, and PC is selected as your source (as shown below).
  3. Check to make sure the Document Camera is powered on.
  4. On the in-room computer, launch your Zoom meeting.
  5. In the Zoom application, select “Share Screen” from the Zoom control menu. Note that the meeting’s host must enable screen sharing in order for this action to work.
  6. Select “Advanced” from the top of the share screen window.
  7. Select to share “Content from 2nd Camera” to share document camera.
  8. Select “Share” from the bottom of the share screen window. Toggle through “Switch Camera” button on the top left of the share screen until document camera can be seen.

Note: A compiled summary of the steps above can be viewed below:

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